The Ultimate Guide to Raw Perfecto Cone Tips: Enhance Your Rolling Skills
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The Ultimate Guide to Raw Perfecto Cone Tips: Enhance Your Rolling Skills

If you are looking for a better, sturdy, and tight-rolled cone-tip for your slim herb, these ones from Raw are just what you need. These tips are 30% skinnier than the regular pre-rolled tips and have a perforated side to make the “Z” or “W” inside shape easier.

Like all of RAW’s products, these are chlorine and chemical free and are vegan friendly.

Product Description

RAW Cone Tips are made from a blend of unbleached fibers and are natural and chlorine free. They are also softer than conventional paper, making them easy to roll and more durable. They are available in a matchbox-style box for convenient storage between rolls, and each pack includes 21 cone tips.

The tips are stiffer and optimized for tightly packed cones. They also feature perforations, which make it easier to roll your preferred inside shape (‘Z’ or ‘W’). They come in a variety of sizes, and are easy to use.

The tips are a great way to strengthen your joint and prevent it from falling apart while smoking. They are easy to find at your local smoke shop or online retailer that sells smoking accessories. You can also purchase a small RAW cone filler, which makes it easy to fill one cone at a time. It’s a must-have for any smoker! RAW cones are 109mm in length, and the classic king size holds up to 15g of herbs. They are made with natural, vegan-friendly paper and feature a criss-cross watermark for a slow, even burn.


Whether you’re a smoker who prefers to roll your own, or simply enjoys pre-rolled cones, these Raw Perfecto Cone Tips are an excellent addition to your smoking collection. They’re designed to provide your hand-rolled cones with a filter that prevents loose particles from falling into the mouthpiece when you inhale.

The tips are also much sturdier than traditional rolling papers, which means they can handle a lot more wear and tear. Plus, they help to evenly pack your cones for a more even smoking experience.

The RAW Perfecto Cone Tip is made from natural unbleached paper and is chlorine and chemical-free, which makes it vegan friendly. It is stiffer and optimized for tightly packed cones, so it’s not the easiest tip to roll, but many real smokers love it. One side features perforations to make it easier for you to roll your preferred inside shape (‘Z’ or ‘W’), or if you want to get tricky, for a perfect cone!


RAW Perfecto Pre-Rolled Cone Tips are an easy way to make your hand-rolled cones more convenient. They’re perfectly cone-shaped for the mouthpiece of your joints, and they keep loose herbs from pulling through to your fingers as you inhale. They’re also chlorine-free and chemical-free, and they’re vegan-friendly to ensure that your herbal smoking sessions are as natural as possible.

Each tip is made from a blend of unbleached fibers, and they’re perforated so you know where to fold to create the perfect “W” or “Z” shape for your cone. The wide tips are also designed to keep your herb from accidentally making its way into your mouth, and they’re easy to rip off when you’re ready to roll.

Each pack of Raw Perfecto Pre-Rolled Cone Tip comes in a matchbox-style box for easy storage between rolls, and it contains 21 pre-rolled filter tips. These are an essential accessory for anyone who loves to roll their own cones!


The RAW Perfecto Pre-Rolled Cone Tips are expertly crafted and unbleached paper filter tips that have been pre-rolled to save you the time of rolling your own. Each tip is rolled from the same natural, unrefined long fibres that are found in RAW Rolling Papers and is chlorine-free to ensure a safe, chemical-free smoking experience. These easy-to-open RAW cone-shaped filters drop right into the end of your hand-rolled joints to keep loose herbal matter from entering your mouth during the inhalation process.

Each pack contains 21 cone-shaped tips that are ready to roll! They come in a convenient matchbox-style box for safe and secure storage between uses. RAW is proud to offer natural, unrefined, and chlorine-free products that give you a high-quality smoke every time!