Veterinarians in Norfolk VA

Dog & Cat Hospital: Veterinarian in Norfolk, VA

If your pet is experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency, contact an emergency vet right away. Otherwise, you can find a veterinary clinic in Norfolk VA that provides wellness and prevention care. They offer nose-to-tail exams and other preventive services. Some of them even accept pet insurance. They also offer financing solutions to help you cover any unexpected expenses.

East Beach Veterinary Care

East Beach Veterinary Care has been in business since 2012. It offers Wellness & Prevention care, from nose-to-tail examinations to early detection and age-specific assessments. It also provides advanced diagnostic and surgical services. In addition, it offers house calls and pet nutrition counseling. It also performs dental work, X-rays, and hospice and euthanasia services.

The company employs a team of qualified Veterinarians in Norfolk VA and credentialed veterinary technicians. Its staff is dedicated to providing the best possible veterinary care for its patients. It also strives to provide outstanding customer service. In addition, it offers a wide range of pet food, supplies, and grooming products to keep pets healthy.

The practice accepts pet insurance, which can reimburse up to 90% of unexpected vet costs like accidents and illnesses. It also works with treatment financing solutions like CareCredit. To find the best pet insurance for your needs, check out Pawlicy Advisor’s free marketplace.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Banfield Pet Hospital is a full-service veterinary clinic that provides standard veterinary services. It has a reputation for providing quality care for pets. It also has a range of additional services for dog and cat owners, including grooming. It has over 975 locations and a partnership with PetSmart, which includes clinics inside the retail stores.

Banfield offers a year-long package of preventive petcare called the Optimum Wellness Plans (OWP). These plans are similar to pet insurance but provide less financial protection. They also do not cover pre-existing conditions.

OWPs include a biannual exam, vaccinations, diagnostic testing, and nutritional consultations. They also offer one-on-one virtual consultations with

ians and access to Vet Chat, which allows you to ask questions about your pet’s health at any time of day or night. Other services included in OWPs are parasite prevention and dental care. They also offer DNA tests to detect genetic disease mutations in dogs and cats. These packages can be paid for yearly or monthly.

Friendship Veterinary Clinic

Emergency vet services tend to cost a fair amount of money. This is because the clinic has to keep a large stock of essential pet medications and use highly expensive medical machinery. However, you can save on these expenses by having pet insurance. It can help you pay for unforeseen costs, like accidents or illnesses.

Dr. Becky Oberlander was born and raised in Mechanicsville, Virginia, and has been around animals all her life. She has a bachelor’s degree in animal and dairy science, a master’s in biological sciences, and a doctorate in veterinary medicine.

She is a member of the Norfolk SPCA team and has worked there for two years. She has performed more than 7,500 spay/neuter surgeries and built relationships with local shelters and rescues. She also has an interest in low-cost veterinary care and is the founder of the community spay/neuter and vaccine clinic at the Norfolk SPCA. She enjoys spending time with her three children and her rescued mutt, Brutus.

Norfolk Veterinary Branch

The Norfolk Veterinary Branch is an Army-run facility that provides basic care to military working dogs and government-owned pets, according to Army Maj. Kevin Hinton, the branch chief. The clinic also performs limited soft tissue surgery. Its staff includes Army veterinary officers, animal care specialists and civilian staff members.

The service is available to active-duty, retired military and reservists, as well as general schedule (GS) employees on orders. The clinic also dispenses a variety of pet vaccines and medications, including heartworm preventatives, flea and tick treatments and shampoos.

The team at this branch is incredibly friendly, helpful and professional. They take the time to answer any questions and always make you feel like a priority. This is why they have such a high customer rating.